Charley No Face draw on a wide range of influences reminiscent of Black Sabbath, The Stooges, and early 70’s prog rock. Delivering a powerful blend of heavy guitar, haunting melodies, and psychedelic explorations, they are notorious for their high energy performances and face melting guitar solos. 


Nick Wulforst (Crook and The Bluff) first joined forces with Brad Larson (Majestic 12) after becoming neighbors in Portland, Oregon. Both obsessed with vintage gear and all things bluesy and heavy, they began writing songs together striving to create new breed of grunge inspired psych-rock. They enlisted drummer Tim Abel (Superheater) and guitarist Stephen Cameron to create a thick wall of fuzzed out guitar tones and hard hitting drums. Traction gained quickly for the quartet in their first year playing notable venues in Portland such as Dante’s, Tonic Lounge (RIP), and Bunk Bar. 

Their debut studio album The Green Man was released 04/10/2020.